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Staff Augmentation for Shelby County

“The savings is about $30,000 per year plus we have access to the whole Schneider Geospatial staff. How cool is that?”

Many organizations struggle to staff a position or office made up of the skill sets required for their GIS to be successful. At the request of our clients, Schneider Geospatial has developed a program that can help meet this need while providing the level of customization required by addressing each organization’s unique needs.
Shelby County, Iowa was one of the first counties in Iowa to take advantage of Schneider Geospatial’s Staff Augmentation Program. Shelby County GIS consists of three entities coming together under one agreement between: Shelby County, City of Harlan, and Harlan Municipal Utilities (HMU). The current staff augmentation includes on-site visits every other week, as well as an additional sixteen project/flex support hours per month.
Highlighted projects:

  • Modified multiple databases into three primary databases based on editing needs, as well as created a replication process to update the viewable database nightly. This allows everyone to see the most current data without having to maintain their own database manually.
  • Engineering road and bridge maps linking between local and state databases through ArcReader projects
  • GPS ArcReader project for assessors to track location using $35 GPS unit connected to laptop
  • Staff training to maintain data layers, such as parcels, address points, and roads
  • Utility maps for shut-off valves for different regions within service area
  • Automated monthly emergency management alerts and warrants
  • E911 map updates and configuration
  • Project specific map and data requests

An added benefit to the Staff Augmentation Program in Shelby County was nearly a 22% cost savings on a land use project.