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Arkansas GIS

In 2012, Schneider Geospatial was awarded the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) parcel fabric for 8 counties throughout Arkansas, from the State of Arkansas on behalf of the Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO).

At the same time, we were selected to take over the hosting of 30 communities’ online, GIS portals from (hosted by Crawford County, Arkansas). These GIS projects had a number of unique challenges facing the project team and would not be like any other parcel conversion or web hosting project because of a limited budget and incomplete property documentation.

The limited budget and incomplete property documentation meant that Schneider Geospatial would have to develop custom workflows, streamline the conversion process, and still deliver a product that met our GIS team’s quality standards. Schneider Geospatial had been working in the parcel conversion industry for over two decades and had the experience to clearly understand the many different types of documents, their condition, research requirements, and what was needed to acquire all the necessary records to successfully build a useful GIS for each of these communities.

Over the years we have acquired Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) System data from dozens of different Appraisal and database companies. We have found that the use of modern technology gives us a number of digital datasets we could use to help with the conversion. For this project, we reviewed the existing data and resources, and then developed the GIS using the best available data for each county.


  • Create a digital cadastral map for each of the 8 conversion participating counties in Arkansas.

  • Create 38 Beacon™ sites for office and public access.

  • Provide digital data in an ESRI Geodatabase format, based upon the template developed by the Arkansas Geographic Information Office.

  • Provide digital data in a native coordinative system, such as Arkansas State Plane North NAD 1983.

  • Establish project methodology to resolve any parcels that cannot be identified and mapped with the appropriate parcel ID number.

  • Provide a digital cadastral map that is a seamless polygon “layer”, covering the geographic extent of each county contracted for completion.

  • Create and maintain the requisite map topology.

  • Create all digital data within the specifications of the Arkansas Geographic Information Office Cadastral Mapping Standard. Document Number: SS-40 (7/02/2004)

  • Adhere to the standards set forth in the Arkansas Cadastral Mapping Standard as stated in Section 2.3 8.

  • Perform weekly backups of project related data to an off-site location and an on-site location and on Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) servers.

  • Follow a client defined delivery schedule in order to streamline product review and rollout.

Source Data

  • All necessary deeds for research and development of cadastral map.

  • Copies of paper plats, subdivision plats, city plats; etc.

  • Digital extract of CAMA data in state standard.

  • When available existing digital geospatial data.