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Ripple™ is a tool that allows you to crosscheck your disparate public records systems, improve the accuracy of the data in each of your systems, and better manage property information.

Why Ripple?

Ripple™ fits into your exiting workflow of maintaining your exiting CAMA, assessment, tax, and geographic information system (GIS) and helps improve the accuracy and consistency of the data through an integrated, seamless interface. The user-friendly interface streamlines the adaptability to improve data consistency and provides transparency of data consistencies to your constituents.


Is searching for that specific record two, three, or more times becoming cumbersome and a little daunting? Is your time commitment to research, report, and following through on all the property management corrections unrealistic with all your other responsibilities?    
Ripple™ helps saves time as you compare property records in your GIS, tax, and CAMA application by combining them into one convenient tool that compares the records across all these applications. With Ripple™, you can move directly from an individual’s record in your tax system to that record in your CAMA application and then to your desktop GIS or even to your public record website! This functionality is often applied to GIS, CAMA, and tax; but it can be easily expanded to other property management databases.


In the back of your mind you think, “Time equals money, but I’m salary -  so it doesn’t matter. I will fix the consistency errors when I come across one, but only in my database.”
It does matter, because with Ripple’s integration to third party applications investments ensures that the data is correct in all databases. The additional expenses are accrued as the manual property management processes move from office to office. This automation reduces the time consumed by this type of project and the amount of money and resources necessary to address individual database corrections. We all hate to do things repeatedly. Consolidate and make it one step in one tool shared by all the offices managing part of the process.


Everyone gets a little embarrassed when an error or inconsistency in property management is presented to the public.
The quality control technology in Ripple allows you to improve the integrity of your land records management. Working back and forth in each of your land records systems (GIS, tax, CAMA, etc.), Ripple can implement procedures you design to check the quality of your data. For example, Ripple can compare data in your tax system to the data in your GIS to identify if any parcels exist in one, but are missing in the other. It can compare the geometry of parcels in your GIS to the deeded acreage in your CAMA system and flag a record that fall outside of your user-defined tolerance level. Ripple’s parcel number management technology employs a drag-and-drop functionality to move new parcel numbers from the database to the records, thus eliminating typos and other errors that prevent your system from being in sync.