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 Security code™™ is an interactive public access tool that allows users to view County and City information, public records and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) via an online portal.™ combines both web-based GIS and web-based data reporting tools including CAMA, Assessment and Tax, into a single, user friendly web application that is designed with your needs in mind.

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With, give your community the tools to do their own research, on their own time, from any internet accessible device!  Online 24/7! never sleeps.  Over half of the usage happens when the offices are closed.

Let us help you!  It's easier than you think!

  • No middle-man to get your site up!  We're there from start to finish with our turn-key solution!
  • Our tabbed navigation interface creates an intuitive, user-friendly experience.
  • More reliable with usage reports and our fail over systems!
  • Website information is updated daily with industry leading software.
  • Unsurpassed customer service and technical helpdesk support, available via email or phone.
  • Search by name, map, address, parcel or account number, legal description, or sales.
  • User defined styles with custom domain name and email accounts available.
  • No new hardware, no app or plug-in needed. works on all browsers.
  • We make the transition of your public records to the internet quick, affordable, and easy!

Affordable™ offers service designed to meet the budget and needs of your office. We offer a complete turn-key service that contains all related costs, including website design, set-up, search engine, connection costs, server costs, updates, and 24-hour maintenance. We also include assistance setting up your static information web pages and downloadable forms, as well as unlimited use of our "template library" of common appraisal information web pages (which may be customized as your office dictates).'s ''Cost To Service Ratio'' is unmatched. We offer this service as a budget maker - not a budget breaker!

Allow your users to quickly lookup property data (including sales) and GIS while saving them and your office the time and money of a courthouse visit. Use our fast servers and proven search capabilities to enable your users to access all the information you feel will be most helpful. No long waits for server or connection setups - and data updates are seamless! web hosting solutions are based on highly redundant, multi-server arrays of high-speed servers running Windows and Linux Operating Systems. Connectivity and bandwidth is provided through a high-speed, fiber optic network that connects directly to the Internet backbone. Cisco High Speed Routers ensure the fastest load speeds possible so visitors to your site will really enjoy the experience and want to revisit. Backup power systems, standby generators, content back-ups, and 24/7 monitoring ensures you a 99.99% uptime!

We work for you! No extra staff or major duties required by your team. No equipment, connection or server maintenance to worry about. Once you decide on the data you feel is right for your operation the rest is automatic.'s user-friendly search capabilities will put your office on the leading frontier of cost efficient and convenient customer service!

Already have your data online?  Please, use the chart below to compare your existing website to the solution. Your Website
In-Browser GIS Viewer
Aerial Photography
Custom GIS Layers
Google-Style Map Navigation
GPS Coordinates Displayed on Map
Area Tool on Map with GPS
Measure Tool on Map with GPS
Pop-up Quick Info Window on Map
Soil Analysis Tool
Sales Search by Map View
Search by Map
Search by Owner Name
Search by Location Address
Search by Mailing Address
Search by Tax District
Search by Account Number
Search by Parcel Number
Search by Subdivision
Search by Business Name
Search by Legal Description
Search by CAMA Deed
Points of Interest Search
Search Reports
Sales Search
Sales List
Sort List by Column Header
Export List to Excel
Export List to Print Mailing Labels
Owner List by Radius Tool
Comparative Market Analysis Tool
Full Property Record Card
Building Photos
Building Sketches
Downloadable Forms
County Information
Exemptions Information
Appeals Information
Tax Records
Tax Payments
Tax Estimator
View Tax Rate History
Custom Domain Names
Custom Email Addresses
Online Support Software Webinar
This session is a must for any community with tight budgets, and is looking for ways to integrate departments while increasing quality communication with the public. Schneider Geospatial wants to help you by offering a one-stop solution, known as™. Using™, communities have reduced the cost of having an online solution; improved customer service for their constituents; provided an integrated solution that centralizes all departments; and allows for customized security controls.

Training Tuesday: How to Utilize my Current  - For our existing clients that have need training on how to use™. 
Date: The First Tuesday of Every Month
Time: 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST

Introductory Thursday: - Saving Communities Money & Resources For those that don't have™ and are interested in learning more.
Date: The First Thursday of Every Month
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am EST

Should none of these times work for you ask for a personalized™ deomonstration below. Demo

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