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Now you can offer your citizens an advanced technology that enables them to track their permitting process in real time, 24/7, interactively edit maps and integrate current data; Schneider Permitting requires no additional software, reduces time and improves efficiencies.

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Schneider Geospatial’s e-government Permitting™ solution is a web-based technology that eliminates many challenges faced by local government organizations in managing permit applications, vendor registration, and code enforcement. It helps track all types of permits throughout their lifecycle by streamlining workflows, reducing or eliminating the need for office visits, increasing and automating communication and information access to all involved parties, and allowing for online payments. This solution is becoming an extremely popular choice for organizations across the country.

Why Permitting?

Permitting™ can dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate permits and improves customer satisfaction with easy 24/7 access.  Schneider Geospatial’s e-government Permitting™ solution is completely web-based, which eliminates the need for costly hardware and software purchases and upgrades. Permitting™ does not require any additional hardware or software. If you can access the Internet on your PC, laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone, you can access Permitting™ anywhere.  The multitudes of benefits cover both the permitting office and applicant.

Permits and plans touch so many departments and individuals that it is extremely important to maintain and easy, quick, and affective solution to everyone involved in the process. Permitting™ can do this as it is a workflow management system that is adapted for all permit types with custom processes, forms, and online fee collection tools which are specifically designed for each community. Open communication is a critical component to improve customer service, community safety, and resources. Utilizing the Permitting™ application helps to eliminate bottlenecks and opens communication portals between offices. A system of alerts and email notifications to all relevant offices, as well as the applicant, ensures smooth and seamless processes.

Schneider Geospatial’s Permitting™ accomplishes all these items; therefore, improving the community we live in.

Permitting Webinar

Permitting™ is the online permitting solution that streamlines the permitting process for your consumers. Permitting™ automates the process as the permit moves between different government agencies and individuals, reducing frustration for consumers. Customers will be able to track the permitting process 24/7, eliminating the need to guess where their permit stands in the permitting process. Should none of these times work for you ask for a personalized Permitting Demonstration (below).

Date: The Second Tuesday during the months of January, April, July and October
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Permitting Demo

Interested in learning more about PermittingTM?  Enter your business information below and we’ll contact you for an online demonstration.


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