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IDAM™ technology should be part of every community's disaster and fund recovery plan.

GIS Integration
Quickly and accurately assess damage with documented estimates
Quickly develop standard reports and FEMA forms

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After a natural disaster, the IDAM™ (Integrated Damage Assessment Model) damage assessment software quickly and accurately assesses damage with documented estimates produced in several formats, including state and FEMA forms. Damage estimates can be produced in mere minutes with just a few clicks on the map, thus allowing decision-makers to act swiftly to needed disaster responses (i.e. facilitating the integrity of important funding decisions in disaster-stricken areas.)

After a disaster damage assessment is critical to your community’s recovery and federal funding qualifications. IDAM™ provides both initial damage assessment estimates (first 18-36 hours) and, later, detailed disaster damage estimates. This technology is designed to perform “IA” (Individual Assessment) and “PA” (Public Assistance) functions, as defined by FEMA and the SBA. To assure your community is ready our team will preload IDAM™ with connections to your communities GIS, Property Appraiser/Tax Assessor databases building characteristic data, including property records and values.

The IDAM™ program may be used fully with PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. When connected to the Internet in the field your collection data will continually update the system and will be visible to your command center. If there is no connectivity, either due to the recent event or the user is in a “dead zone” IDAM™ can be used in the standalone, or disconnected, version. The standalone version allows the user to load the event on any device with a Windows Operating System; go in the field and assess damage. When the user gets back to connectivity he clicks on a synchronize button.  This exports all the data they have accumulated and synchronize all the data others have gathered.

IDAM™ Features

  • WebEOC Integration
  • Pictometry Integration 
  • GIS enabled
  • Ability to Track Overall Assessment Progress
  • Uses Current Assessor Data
  • Provides Upload of Building and Debris Photos from the Field
  • Live Updates from the Field
  • Mobile Interface
  • Simple and Complete FEMA Forms Results
  • Quickly Search Community (by address, owner name, parcel)
  • Integrated Glossary of FEMA Definitions
  • Live Support


What do we do if there is no internet or cell connectivity?
IDAM is a stand-alone solution and will work in the field, even with no connectivity. Enter the data as you normally would, then synchronize your data with the main server when connectivity returns. Currently, the stand-alone version will only work on a windows device. IDAM also makes using paper in the field more efficient. After doing an estimate, simply print off the FEMA field sheets and detailed damage forms, sorted by street and team. Then, enter the data via the Street Report.

Can we use tablets in field?
IDAM will work on any device with a web browser. However, only windows devices can run the stand-alone version of IDAM at this time.

Do I need any special software or additional software licenses for IDAM?
No. IDAM is a web-based application.

Why can't I log in from my smart phone?
Most likely, the phone is capitalizing the first letter of your password, when it should not be.

Why can't I control the layers on the map? I click on a check box for a layer and nothing happens.
When in Internet Explorer, you should have 'Compatibility View' turned on. It is on the right hand side of the URL address bar. Click the icon that looks like a torn piece of paper to turn on the compatibility view. The check boxes for the layers should now work.


IDAM™ Webinar

IDAM™ Webinar: This session is a must for any community needing an affordable, fast, easy-to-use solution of assessing damage after a disaster. This web-based solution uses county assessor data and GIS to rapidly calculate and report damages to homes. You can monitor damage assessment teams' activities from the EOC and know, in real-time, exactly where they are and what damages are developing. The IDAM™ can be used with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone; and it even works in the field when not connected.  It has a public assistance module, which includes reporting on debris. The IDAM™ even fills out the FEMA forms when finished! Should none of these times work for you ask for a personalized IDAM Demonstration (below).

Date: Second Tuesday of the months of February, May, August, and November
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

IDAM™ Demonstration

Interested in learning more about IDAM?  Enter your business information below and we’ll contact you for an online demonstration.


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