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A technology leader, and one of the largest e-government providers in the country, Schneider Geospatial provides innovative, industry-leading solutions to help organizations get the most from their limited resources.

Examples include creative and award winning product solutions such as Beacon and (local government information for the web), Permitting™ (cloud-based permitting and workflow management), Geogear (desktop GIS Suite for local governments) and IDAM™ (integrated damage assessment model) to name a few. 

In addition to our diverse product portfolio, Schneider Geospatial offers a full range of GIS, technology, and e-government services.  Whether we are designing a new system for a client, converting paper or digital records into GIS, implementing new technology, providing staff training, or serving as/complimenting an organization’s GIS staff, Schneider Geospatial’s service level raises the bar for what our clients expect.

In a 3rd party National Customer Satisfaction survey, Schneider Geospatial was rated "exceptional" or "one of the best" by virtually all respondents for reputation, customer service, product and service quality, and project execution.

Schneider Geospatial’s industry leadership has been recognized through several awards for projects and performance such as:
  • Esri Business Partner of the Year
  • Esri Foundation Partner of the Year
  • Esri 20 Year Partner Recognition Award
  • TechPoint Mira "Corporate Innovator of the Year" Winner
  • TechPoint Mira “IT/Tech Service Excellence & Innovation” Winner (E-Government)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Marshall Co., IN)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (HSE Utilities)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Roche Diagnostics)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Town of Brownsburg, IN)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Indiana State Lands Office GIS project)
  • ACEC Engineering Excellence Award (Vigo Co./City of Terre Haute GIS)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Town of Plainfield, IN Sewer Integration project)
  • TechPoint Mira “Innovation of the Year” nomination (Draincalc)
  • ACEC Engineering Excellence Award (SAMCO/HSE Utilities)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Eli Lilly, INDOT, & the City of South Bend GIS projects)
  • AIC Awards (Blackford Co., IN & Huntington Co., IN GIS projects)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (City of Indianapolis DWP Impervious Surface project)
  • IGIC Excellence in GIS Award (Town of Cumberland, IN and Huntington Co., IN web GIS projects)
  • And several ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Awards.