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SUE - Subsurface Utility Engineering

With over a decade of SUE services, as well as over 50 years of surveying expertise, Schneider Geomatics provides unparalleled accuracy and increased efficiency that reduces risk and results in shorter project timelines for our clients.

Our staff knows that a successful design and engineering depends on understanding the accuracy of the utility information provided. SUE work is provided in levels that build on each other providing increased information and accuracy at each level. The levels can be completed in phases or at the same time. At Schneider Geomatics, we offer the four quality levels of SUE based upon the ASCE 38-02 “Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data.”

Quality Level D

A diligent process of collecting data about the site. This data could be digital records, paper records, internet searches, site inspections or talking to people who are familiar with the site. Information may very well be limited and not a complete picture of what is onsite. Accuracy is often questionable due to limited knowledge of the sources. This data is collected and compiled into a drawing stating the quality level of the document.
TYPICAL USE: This quality level is recommended for pre-design feasibility studies to aid in identifying when utility relocations may be needed.

Quality Level C

Involves surveying the visible utility features of the site, or checking the accuracy of previously surveyed utilities. This data is added to the Quality Level D drawing and both levels are labeled accordingly. Quality Level C data may conflict with Quality Level D data and serves to raise important questions about utility location.
TYPICAL USE: This quality level is recommended during the project planning phase and will aid in site layout.

Quality Level B

Provides designation and location of underground utilities. Designated utilities are surveyed and added to the data collected from Quality Level D and C. Quality Level B is noted accordingly on the drawing.
TYPICAL USE: This quality level is recommended in the early design phase and especially when utility records are unreliable.

Quality Level A

Zeroing in on accuracy, utilities are potholed at this level. Once the utility is excavated and exposed, it is surveyed for its precise horizontal and vertical location, typically to the top of pipe. This will be noted on the drawing as well as the quality level.
TYPICAL USE: This quality level is recommended for the design and construction phases.