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The Tool for Survey and GIS Professionals 
The patented V.Depth™ measure-down system integrates state-of-the-art measuring equipment in a new and innovative device that facilitates quick, easy, and accurate measurements to locations at inconvenient or inaccessible depths.  V.Depth™ was designed for use by surveyors, engineers, GIS professionals, and others who require a quicker, cleaner, safer, and more precise alternative to collect as-built information.
Laser-Measured Precision
The V.Depth™ system utilizes the Leica Disto™ D8 Laser Distance Meter mounted in a precision-engineered, anodized aluminum bracket.  V.Depth™ allows pipe inverts and sizes to be determined accurately with laser-measured precision, using a slope measurement and vertical angle.  An adjustable brace allows the user to establish the V.Depth™ tool on a solid base from which to make the depth measurement with confidence and accuracy.
Eliminate Health and Safety Concerns
V.Depth™ eliminates the need to enter a manhole or to even place a rod or any other device into the structure.  Concerns over confined space entry, such as ventilation, bottled air, extraction devices, and necessary support personnel, are not an issue when using V.Depth™ since all measurements are taken from outside the structure.  Even the insertion of a "measure-down" rod into the manhole is eliminated by relying on the remote measuring capabilities of the V.Depth™ system.
Achieve Reliable Measurements
The reliability of the V.Depth™ system’s measurements is unrivaled.  There is a maximum 2∑ error of only +/- 4mm for distance measurements and maximum 2∑ error of +/- 0.2° for the tilt sensor for the Disto™ D8.  The precision of the measurement on a 10-foot-deep pipe in a 4-foot-diameter manhole using V.Depth™ is expected to be +/- 0.04 feet although tests reveal typical precisions of +/- 0.01 feet.*  Jurisdictional inspectors have great respect for the accuracy and advantages of as-built measurements made with V.Depth™ technology.  No physical measurement technique can duplicate the quick and clean results achieved with precision-engineered laser technology.
Easy to Maintain, Transport and Store
The V.Depth™ system is delivered in a padded, weather-resistant Pelican™ case that protects the equipment while providing easy and safe transport and storage.  The Leica Disto™ D8 is dust and splash proof.  This combination of technology provides for a long-lasting and low-maintenance V.Depth™ system.  The Disto™ D8 can even be easily removed from the V.Depth™ bracketing system for use in other appropriate applications.

Performance Specifications

Leica Disto™ D8 Laser Distance-Meter

Measuring accuracy (2∑ ) up to 30m Typically +/- 1mm with a maximum +/- 4mm
Smallest unit displayed 1mm
Range 0.05m – 200m
Time for a measurement 0.5 sec
Tilt measurements:
Tilt sensor:
Accuracy (2σ)
-          To laser beam
-          To the housing
- 0.1° / + 0.2° *
± 0.1° *
Bluetooth® 2.0 QD ID B014433
Range of Bluetooth® CI.2 10m
Battery life,
Type AA, 2 x 1.5V
Up to 5,000 measurements

*Range and accuracy are dependent on atmospheric conditions and background radiation. The laser distance meter will not accurately measure a distance through water or sediment. Alternative measurement techniques and locations (i.e. top of pipe, side of pipe, etc.) may be required to produce accurate pipe invert measurements. See manufacturer's documentation for specifications.

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