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Using a Mapping Web Portal to Manage Ground Breaking Procedures

by Mike on September 16, 2014

GBP stands for ground breaking procedure.  It is an interactive workflow that allows users to designate on a web-based map the area on campus where activity is taking place, and then to be able to upload project documentation for changes in that area as they occur: photographs, surveys, plans, and more.  Each upload triggers email notifications, changes the status of the activity – new, acknowledged, needing update, updated, surveyed, complete, archived, etc. – and allows for a new update of the online map.
Demo Site here:
This system has a number of immediate benefits:
  • Common mapping basis for all uses
  • Ease of use – all changes can be tracked without major commitments in training or software maintenance
  • Less time and money to capture or retrieve data
Actual examples in use have documented time savings of 60:1 or more.  The philosophy is that if you can point to it on the map, you can “drill-down” to all the other information about it.

In addition to providing a basis for the as-built surveying process, the online map provides a common format for presenting and communicating all sorts of site and facilities data and activities, including:
  • Snow removal
  • Emergency action
  • Landscaping
  • Parking
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Special events / activities
  • Underground utilities tracking
  • Groundbreaking control
The system we have developed also provides a number of common GIS tools available to all the members of the enterprise, such as distance and area measurement, specialty reference maps, aerial and oblique photos, the production of printable PDFs and map images, and report-generating capabilities.
CAD-to-GIS conversion procedures streamline migration of data from the CAD-based engineering and design phase to the GIS-based operations and lifecycle maintenance phase – and back again.  The interactive web map portal provides all the stakeholders with instant access and insight into that process.  In this way, we are adapting our procedures to make the most of new technology, and thereby minimize cost, mitigate risk, and increase value to the bottom line.