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4 Reasons You Need Beacon

by Nichole on June 18, 2014

Beacon™ is a quick, easy, reliable, and affordable web solution for all online public records needs.   Local governments across the country are realizing the value in making their data available online for public and internal users.  Beacon™ was designed to integrate the services provided by GIS and web-based data reporting applications by coupling both features into a single, easy to use web application.

  • Serving hundreds of local governments in 12 states.
  • Over 250,000 unique users monthly.
  • 80% of the visitors are return users.
  • Lowers counter and phone traffic, saving an average of 25 labor hours daily, per client site.
  • Over 6.5 million parcels hosted with an assessed value of over $803 billion.
  • 24/7/365 access to local government records.

1.      Quick
Beacon™ is a fully integrated solution that centralizes the needs of local government departments into a convenient, easy to navigate, web-based solution for all online public records needs.  It makes searching through thousands of public documents and records quicker and more convenient.
Beacon’s unique centralization make researching property information quicker because it can help eliminate hours of driving, searching public records and is designed to be user friendly.  Beacon’s design integrates your organization’s spatial data - GIS and web-based data reporting applications into a single web application.  Providing mapping capabilities including standard tools, such as pan, select, and identify; as well as advanced features such as measure, buffer, and map mark-up.  Reporting capabilities include dynamic sorting, custom “printer friendly” pages – that are quick to review, and export for mailing labels creation. 
With Beacon design as a hosted enterprise web application framework it allows for rapid assembly, deployment, and maintenance making it quick to setup and deploy in a community.  There is also no need to purchase or maintain web servers and additional software.
Quick!  Quick to deploy for the local government.  Quick to save time and money for the users.  Quick to search and understand.
2.      Easy
Everyone can use Beacon™ because of its user friendly design, as well as there not being any plug-in or download required! 
Beacon™ is the solution that helps the public find what they need from local government offices and can be understood by the most basic level of users to the most advanced. Accessing local government information cannot always be done during office hours; by sharing the information online there is easy 24/7 access at everyone fingertips; thus, improving customer service between local governments and their constituents.  Beacon™ can be accessed from any location from any type of device. 
Beacon™ is mobile.  Office staff can take the information needed to the field, without cluttering up their backseat with papers and maps.  Real estate professionals,  title companies, insurance companies, farmers, and all other types of users will be able to provide their clients the most accurate and timely information curbside, by pulling up Beacon™ on their phone or mobile device.
3.      Reliable
Beacon™ is there when you need it.   Beacon is accessible 24/7/365.  All websites have been integrated with real estate and tax database vendors like; Thomson Reuters, Vanguard, Solutions, Tyler Technologies, XSoft, LOW, and many, many more. 
4.      Affordable
Beacon™ is a proven solution that has helped hundreds of local governments answer a quarter of a million questions a month, all while saving the local government offices 25 hours of phone and office traffic daily—that’s approximately three full-time staff members!   Beacon™ is a scalable solution that will help lower the office costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue for local government offices of all sizes. 

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