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They've Got an App for That!

by Andrew on January 12, 2015

While I was at a GIS conference, one of my clients suggested that I should start sharing some of the apps that we use. So here is my first effort in sharing my app world with our users. My goal will be to share fun apps that include mapping or location as a feature or produce a point location.

For my first app, I think it’s only appropriate to share “Collector for ArcGIS". In order to use “Collector”, you need to be part of an organizational ArcGIS account.  This app can be accessed in the Apple app store or on Google play. 

“Collector” is an Esri product that is free to download and uses ArcGIS Online (AGO) as its map engine. Once you have configured your desired collection needs with AGO, you can publish your services for the world to use.  The app allows the user to access the map engine and predefined collection tools from AGO. It allows the user to access multiple map themes or collection types. “Collector” uses your phones GPS to locate you in the field.

Now, before you get too excited and think you can sell your GPS unit, you should know that in my experience, my phone, in many cases, has limited location accuracy. However, the app is smart enough to know when you’re not receiving the most accurate GPS signal and it warns you and asks if you would rather visually place the point on the map. I really like this feature.

Once you pick your point on the map, your attribute screen will appear. Then when you have collected your point, it is instantly pushed to the cloud and becomes accessible from any web browser by accessing your AGO resources page.

The tool has many other great features, but I can see how this will be very powerful in any command center’s quick deployment and data collection needs.

Geoman Selfies
Help us collect photos of Geoman from all over by using “Collector” to collect and take a selfie with Geoman. For fun, we have pushed out our “Geoman Locations” services for you to play with and add your own features.

You will first have to activate your AGO organizational account (you should have an email from Esri with instructions) and also download “Collector” from your app store and then follow these instructions.
  1. Log into with your credentials.
  2. Search for Geoman Locations
  3. Open the Geoman Locations Map
  4. Save it as Geoman Locations-“Name of your Organization
  5. This is now a map saved as part of your organization that connects to Schneider Geospatial’s ArcGIS Server
  6. If you’ve not already done this, download the "Collector for ArcGIS" app on Apple or Google Play
  7. Open and login to the "Collector" app using your AGO credentials
  8. Open the Geoman Locations –Name of your Organization online map.
  9. Begin collecting data of where Geoman is.
  10. Use the paperclip icon to add a photo.
“Collector” Geoman Locations screen shots

Schneider Geospatial’s ArcGIS Online Home Page

Geoman Locations Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online