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Everywhere I Go, I see the Results of One of Our Projects...

by Mike on January 22, 2015

… and a reminder of how important and lasting are the effects of a project well-conceived and competently executed.
Land surveying and civil engineering projects mold and form the landscape like few others.  These are the projects that define the grid and direct the branches of infrastructure that spread like tendrils and roots.
There are a lot of projects like that – I’m sure my coworker-colleagues can cite a list that would stretch for pages if added here:
  • Some span regions: we’ve worked on dozens of reservoir and dam projects throughout the region, from Wisconsin to West Virginia, utility pipelines and rights-of-way throughout the Midwest, and highways and thoroughfares such as I-69 in southwest Indiana
  • Some are entire towns, such as Fishers and the Village of West Clay
  • The Subaru plant in Lafayette and the Honda plant in Greensburg
  • Corporate campuses for life science enterprises all over Indianapolis, Greenfield, Clinton, Tippecanoe, and more
  • College campuses in Indianapolis, Bloomington, West Lafayette, and Terre Haute
  • The Indianapolis International Airport
  • Hospitals
  • The Indiana Convention Center
  • The Natatorium at IUPUI
  • The Fairgrounds Coliseum
Some are fantastic, some are just big, some are still secret, and some are quite famous.
I could also include the subdivision I live in.  The construction staking for my house, the survey for my lot, the inspection for my mortgage (as well as my neighbors’), and of course the survey monumentation in the street and on all our lot corners, and both the town and the county GIS layers on our local Beacon™ sites.  And maybe tens of thousands of homes in a thousand other communities.
From the personal impact on so many individuals, to the civic impact of monumental economic structures, to the broadest impact of large-scale highway and water resource management projects, it feels good to be a small part of such ever-expanding circles of influence, and by extension a part of so many productive lives.
It’s also a reminder of how important it is to constantly improve the way we measure, track, and value the assets in our infrastructure and knowledge base:  Location – Condition – Replacement Cost.
From clients, to communities.  Hey, just as the mission statement says!