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Schneider Geospatial is a Mira 2016 Finalist

by Stephanie on February 22, 2016

Schneider Geospatial is proud to have been selected as a 2016 Mira Award nominee finalist for Corporate Innovator of the Year. The Mira Awards honor excellence and innovation in technology, and the Mira Awards Gala and Awards Ceremony is one of the tech sector’s most anticipated annual events. The Corporate Innovator of the Year Award recognizes technology innovation within a company that has significant, measurable impact, and has achieved significant milestones in 2015.
Many people today have no idea what their local government does for them. It continues to be an institution that constituents participate in infrequently, with difficultly, and only when required. In communities all over the US, the public is demanding better access to records and more convenient services. Local governments are finding that they are hard pressed to keep up with these demands and changes in expectations. At a time that local governments need the biggest improvement in services, they face the largest budget shortfalls and staffing gaps that have ever existed. With our continue growth across the country Schneider Geospatial is quickly becoming the standard for how the public likes to look for property tax and GIS data as well as interact with their local governments.
Schneider Geospatial pioneered the development and use of new e-government solutions for small and medium size communities. By leveraging a deep understanding of local government organizations and advancements in technology, Schneider Geospatial launched an e-government suite under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that changed the way both the local governments and their constituents interacted with each other. Gone are the traditional limitations; lines, hours of operation, undefined workflows, bottlenecks in communication. These have been replaced with solutions that are available 24 hours a day, every day, from wherever the end user is.

Public data that is managed by multiple people, in multiple offices, in multiple locations, over multiple time periods has been centralized and consolidated into unique and innovative solutions that are streamlined for the end users. Schneider Geospatial’s Beacon™ and Permitting™ cloud-based services are made available at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, greatly improve customer service, and allow end users to begin working across jurisdictional boundaries. All of the technology, maintenance, and data transfer and management are handled by Schneider Geospatial, freeing up additional staff resources in the local government offices.

In 2015, Schneider Geospatial launched a new mobile friendly platform that allowed new access for the growing number of mobile users. The platform now automatically adapts to the users screen size, device, and operating system without the user needing to relearn or download an app or plug-in.

Schneider Geospatial also launched a new Online Appeals solution in 2015 that is adding transparency to the process and streamlining citizen appeals. The stats are amazing; a staggering 89% user adoption rate in year one, with 59% of users discontinuing the appeals process after seeing comparable property values, thus eliminating more than half of the potential workload for the office.

In 2015, Schneider Geospatial’s Technology business client base grew by 198% - expanding aggressively in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic region. With revenue growth of over 50% last year, our SaaS government solutions have introduced significant new product revenue into our business, as well as enhanced our professional services businesses ability to compete in their existing markets. In terms of overall market share, Schneider Geospatial grew from serving 5.6% of the overall US market to 16.6% last year, becoming the national leader in these services. 2016 is poised to continue this growth and expansion by this innovative Indiana tech company.

Last year, Schneider Geospatial saved tax payers over 12 million trips to the courthouse and handled more than 450 million requests (up 400% over last year) for information by providing innovative, industry-leading solutions to help organizations get the most from their limited resources. With creative product solutions such as Beacon™ a typical, local government client can save on average over $150,000 each year in employee benefits from reduced counter traffic. The estimated financial impact of Schneider Geospatial’s e-government solutions reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
Headquartered in Indianapolis and with offices across the Midwest and Southeast, Schneider Geospatial creates innovative solutions that change and improve how people interact with local governments. Schneider Geospatial’s core disciplines of surveying, GIS, and engineering are augmented by our specialty services like UAS services, 3D laser scanning, and landscape architecture.
TechPoint, Indiana’s tech sector, created the Mira Awards in 1999. The Mira Awards program is a five-month season of events and communications honoring ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’ each year. All nominees will deliver presentations and answer questions in-person with one of the independent judging panels, and then the judges will select the winners following their deliberations. During the black-tie awards ceremony and gala, the winners are announced. The 17th Annual TechPoint Mira Awards Gala is 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the Westin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis.