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Schneider Geospatial + qPublic = ?

by Kevin G. on December 9, 2014

I just finished attending 2 conferences across the state of Indiana; and I was able to meet with many of our customers in a very short period of time. One of the main topics was Schneider Geospatial’s acquisition of qPublic, which just happened in June of this year. Since that time, we have received numerous different reactions from our customers that have ranged from “How does that affect me?” to “I didn’t even hear about it, what’s it mean?”  Therefore, I believe we need to break this down for our clients from our clients’ perspective.
  1. What does the acquisition mean to Schneider Geospatial clients?
  2. What does the acquisition mean to qPublic clients?
  3. What does the acquisition mean to future clients?
What does the acquisition mean to Schneider Geospatial clients?
Our customers in the many states that we currently do business in have wondered how the acquisition of a company in Florida affects them. Others have wondered if they will be affected at all. To answer these questions with a broad brush, let me simply say, yes, you will be affected.  I’ll add to that by saying, the affect should be very positive for your community. On the surface, this acquisition may appear to be about the fact that we are now the single largest provider of e-government solutions in the United States. We provide these solutions to over 500 local government clients in 28 states. In case you don’t want to do the math, we have done it for you. We now provide hosting of land records for nearly 17 percent of the counties in the United States! That means 1 in every 6 counties in the U.S. are our clients. While that is beyond impressive; please, understand this acquisition was for many more reasons than the ability to brag. However, to be perfectly honest, it felt good typing out those stats....but, I digress....
We made this acquisition so that we could provide more and better solutions to our clients. qPublic developed a remarkable solution called IDAM™ (Integrated Damage Assessment Model). IDAM™ allows communities to collect data in the field immediately after a natural disaster, assess damage using the actual county assessed values, report the damage in real-time to the E.O.C., and auto-complete the necessary state and federal forms required to be submitted for public financial assistance. 
We also added to our team a tremendous amount of highly skilled and uniquely qualified staff members. Just think what happens when you put the developers of Beacon™ in a room with the developer of and IDAM™? Suffice it to say, this will take our solutions to a whole new level by having a new perspective applied to all that we do and have done. So, while the most tangible benefit to our current Schneider Geospatial customers may be the addition of IDAM™, an equally important benefit will result from the remarkable resources that we now have on staff.
What does the acquisition mean to qPublic clients?
Our qPublic clients will also receive the same collective “brain-power” mentioned above, as we continually look to improve our products like our webhosting and IDAM™. Additionally, Schneider Geomatics is one of the largest land surveyors in the Midwest with an additional office in Charlotte, NC. This means that when the hosting of land records information crosses over into the actual collection of data, which it often does, qPublic will now have the resources of an entire company that has all the experiences from doing business for over 50 years. In addition to traditional land surveying,  Schneider Geomatics has become a leader in mobile mapping (laser scanning), and this information can often be integrated into your GIS. The possibilities are endless...
What does the acquisition mean to future clients?
The hardest benefit to pinpoint is the benefit to our future clients. I believe there will be a tremendous benefit to our future clients by partnering with the largest e-government solutions provider. From doing business in 28 states, there is not much that we haven’t seen. Each state manages their land records a little differently; however, with the collective knowledge we now have, we can provide even better solutions to our clients. Not only will our future clients benefit from the extensive solutions that are currently available, but they will benefit from future solutions. We believe that we are now dedicating more time to the refinement, development, and improvement to e-government solutions than any other firm in the U.S. This means that we be more aggressive in providing our clients solutions to their current and future problems, and we will be more capable of getting those solutions into the marketplace, and more importantly, into your community.
So, I hope that brings some clarity to what has been somewhat confusing to many of our clients. The opportunities are so exciting to our Schneider Geospatial clients, our qPublic clients, and even our future clients. To all of you who have inquired as to what this means for your community, thank you for your interest and we look forward to providing you with an even greater level of excellence than you have already come to expect.