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IDAM Updates Mapping Interface

by Keri on August 17, 2015

Recently IDAM™ received a face lift to its mapping interface.  We have refreshed the map to align with current online mapping interfaces.  Below you will find a brief overview of the functionality of the new map buttons.

  • Zoom Fult: Extents of the county
  • Zoom In or Box Tool: Single map click or drag a box
  • Zoom Out: From current map center
  • Zoom Selected: Extent of selected parcel
  • Pan Map: Left Button Drag
  • GeoLocate: Zoom to current location
  • Measure Distance: Double click when finished
  • Measure Area: Double click when finished
  • Print: Open a map image in a new window
  • Parcel Identify: Selects and highlight a parcel
  • Search: Parcels, Names, or Addresses
  • Clear Map: Parcel selections and map overlays
 Learn more about IDAM™ here!