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Agland™ automates the process for calculating assessments for agricultural land by using technology you’ve already invested in, your GIS.

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Still working on calculating land assessment manually or with outdated software?  Tired of counting dots or using a planimeter?  Agland™ will make it all easy!
Schneider pioneered the use of GIS in land assessment in the early 1990s and currently supports GIS based assessment practices in nine states.  Our experience allows us to quickly adapt our industry leading technology to meet new state requirements and assist new users in every state.
Why Agland™?
Agland™ automates the process of calculating assessments for agricultural land by using GIS technology to combine and analyze data layers such as parcels, soils, and land use. Applying advanced GIS processes and utilizing ArcGIS ™ from Environmental Systems Research Institute as its foundation, Agland™ provides the county or city assessor or equalization professional with the tools to quickly and accurately formulate what-if scenarios to help in calculating the fairest assessment for agricultural land. 

Agland™ Webinar
We'll discuss updates to Schneider's Agland™ software and GIS services which will assist you in complying with standards set by this rule.  This meeting will allow both experienced and new Agland™ users to ask questions in relation to the product and the proposed new rule. 

Agland webinars occur the second Thursday of every month. Click below to register. 

Date: The Second Thursday of Every Month
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST