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Beacon™ and™ are interactive public access tools that allows users to view County information, public records, and GIS via an online portal.

Open 24/7!  Beacon™ and™ never sleep. Over half of the usage happens when the offices are closed. And with no app or plug-in needed, Beacon and™ are ready for you NOW on any web browser


Currently, we have nearly 600 communities in 28 states that allow you to search through property tax records and GIS data from any internet access device.


Easy search options - name, address, or parcel ID. Also, to gather reports on similar properties, 'comparable search' allows you to search for comparable properties within residential, commercial, or agricultural properties. IT lets users turn on or off criteria and set specific values to create powerful detailed searches.


Parcel map features are linked to data reports.  With Beacon™ and™, give your community the tools to do their own research, on their own time, from any internet accessible device!  You are not limited to just the standard reports that are provided. Oftentimes, there may be information that your organization wants to reference online, but is not currently being displayed. By utilizing this functionality, you can now pull over a variety of information and have it displayed in a well-organized, easy to read form. 

GIS Capabilities

No new hardware. No app or plug-in needed.  Runs on a web browser.  Layers can include: Parcels, Major Roads, Soils, Water, bridges, Zoning, School Districts, Rural Imagery, Voting Districts, and much more...



  • No middle-man to get your site up!  We are there from start to finish.
  • Tab structure is implemented, creating a more user-friendly navigation.
  • More reliable for our usage reports and fail over system.
  • Information on website is updated daily with industry leading feature.
  • Unsurpassed customer service and technical support available via email or phone.