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Vincent Schneider was a brilliant mathematician who discovered his love for land surveying and civil engineering while serving in World War II as a First Sergeant in an artillery battalion.

Vincent and Betsy SchneiderWhen he returned home from service, he was able to put himself through Purdue University on the GI Bill. Vince eventually became a licensed professional engineer and land surveyor and worked for a local development company in Indianapolis before deciding to open his own firm, Schneider Engineering  Corporation, on June 27, 1962. Schneider started from meager beginnings in a trailer on the East side of Indianapolis with a few men and a few pieces of surveying and calculating equipment. In those early years Schneider primarily focused on residential and multi-family surveying and engineering projects in the Indianapolis area. Vince also had a love for technology and a talent for programming and he wrote some of the early coordinate geometry software for Hewlett Packard programmable calculators. Hewlett Packard eventually asked Schneider to serve as a retail outlet for their calculators and for approximately seven years Schneider sold calculators and eventually HP and other brand personal computers. 
In 1968, Vince’s son, John Schneider, following graduation from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in engineering and two years of service in the United States Army including a year in Viet Nam, joined the firm. With John taking an active role in management, Schneider began to grow and expand its services into the public sector, locally and regionally, with surveying and engineering contracts with the City of Indianapolis and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Following Vince’s retirement in 1982, John became President and CEO of Schneider and he and his wife, Marilyn, became owners. Under John’s leadership, Schneider further diversified its services and geographic locations adding a focus on commercial site design, the industrial and utility sectors. and expanding the government sector to include waste water and transportation work. 
John was also instrumental in establishing Schneider’s culture. In the late 1980s John was exposed to the writings and teachings of Robert Greenleaf who gave the name “Servant Leadership” to what John already believed and practiced as his leadership style. The basic tenets of Servant Leadership are that those people who possess a desire and passion to serve others, typically emerge as the most effective leaders because it is in serving others that they, in fact, lead.  
In 1989, Schneider began its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department. GIS grew from a niche in the company to a core discipline.

In 1990, Schneider acquired the architectural firm of Bohlen, Meyer and Gibson and began offering architectural services in the educational and religious niches. It later opened branch offices in Avon, Lafayette and Carmel, Indiana.
In the 1990s John and Marilyn’s children, J. Barry and Victoria, both graduates of the University of Notre Dame, began working at Schneider. Barry, following his grandfather and father’s footsteps, earned a degree in civil engineering and began work in 1990 as a project engineer.  Victoria graduated with a degree in political science and went on to earn a Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University School of Law. She joined Schneider in 1997 as general counsel and the director of human resources. Upon John’s retirement in 2002, Barry and Victoria became third generation owners of Schneider along with Marilyn. In 2007, Schneider was designated a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) with the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Today Barry serves as Schneider’s Chairman of the Board and Victoria serves as its Chief Executive Officer. 

In 1997, Schneider began operating as The Schneider Corporation, and in 2001 moved its headquarters to its current location at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, Indiana. For the next several years Schneider continued to diversify geographically into Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee, where it offered an array services from land surveying, site design, environmental engineering, wastewater design, transportation work and GIS. 

Later in 2005, Schneider acquired the Ames, Iowa-based ProMap Corporation to form one of the largest GIS providers in the Midwest. Schneider increased its scope and capabilities by combining two of the largest GIS web-hosting services in the county under Beacon™. Schneider was able to offer a broader range of services and products to a wider market than ever before.

Then in 2014, The Schneider Corporation announced the acquisition of qPublic, a GIS and CAMA data corporation, based in DeLand, Florida. The acquisition created one of the largest organizations of its kind in the US. It also expanded Schneider more significantly in the Southeast part of the country. The popular web portal and IDAM™ (damage assessment software) became part of Schneider’s growing e-government suite of solutions.

In 2018, The Schneider Corporation announced the reorganization of the company into Schneider Geospatial (from the GIS and e-Government businesses) and Schneider Geomatics (from Surveying and Engineering businesses). This move recognized the ongoing evolution of the businesses and allowed each to better serve its clients and employees.

Currently, The Schneider Corporation maintains its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana along with Schneider Geomatics and Schneider Geospatial. Schneider Geomatics maintains offices in West Lafayette and Washington Indiana; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas. Schneider Geospatial maintains offices in DeLand, Florida and Ankeny, Iowa. It continues to be an innovator and leader in land surveying, civil engineering , GIS and technology. In 2017, Schneider celebrated its 55th Anniversary.